WarningZ Quick Guide

This Tutorial is a quick guide to WarningZ.

This tutorial covers:

Prioritizing your Tasks and Events.
Updating and Quick Links  (Getting it Done).
Creating a WarnZ (using Templates and Quick WarnZ).
Editing and Customizing WarnZ  (the WarnZ Details page).
Other Controls and Settings  (Columns, Settings, Store and Help).
Archived WarnZ.

Column View

The 'column' of WarnZ.   The view of your priorities.

WarningZ automatically prioritizes and displays your tasks and events in a traffic light colour column.

Prioritizing your Tasks and Events

No Action required

A Green WarnZ.  No action required.  Relax!


A Yellow Caution.  Reminds you to prepare for the Recycling Collection.


An Amber Warning.  Time to take action so your passport is renewed before its expiry.


A Red Expired WarnZ.   This WarnZ is Overdue or Past Due.  You should never see one of these if you prepared and took action during the Caution and Warning periods. 


An Information WarnZ.   A 'nice to do' action or event that doesn't have a 'hard' deadline'.  It would be good to choose a new Audiobook soon!

Updating and Quick Links

Swipe Right

Swipe right and tap to update (uses today's date).  Or access more actions.

Swipe Left

Swipe left and tap to archive a WarnZ.  Or access any 'Quick links' added to a WarnZ. 

You can re-order the Swipe actions in 'Settings'.

Quick Links

Quick Links attached to a WarnZ.  Tap on a link to activate.

The links shown on this WarnZ are:

A Contact.
A Weblink (to a webpage).
A Note.
A File.

And a + button to add more links.

Other links you can add are:

Action Links (create emails and messages)

Learn more about Links

WarnZ Link Icon

Tap on the 'Link' icon to open a list of the links attached to the WarnZ

WarnZ Links

A List of Links added to a WarnZ.  They are:

2 Email 'Action' links.  (Create new emails).
A webpage link. (Takes you to the linked web page).
A Note.  
An image.

To add more links tap 'Edit'.

Action Bar

Single tap a WarnZ to open the 'Action Bar'.

The actions are:

Update (opens a date picker).
Details (customize the WarnZ). You can also 'Double Tap' the WarnZ to open the details page.
Share (send the WarnZ, including links, to others).
Links (opens the list of links page).

Create A WarnZ

Create a WarnZ

To create a WarnZ tap on the +.   The number shows the number of WarnZ you can create.

The Trial (free) version of WarnZ is limited to 8 WarnZ.

WarnZ Templates

Choose a template by tapping.

Quick WarnZ

Or Create a Quick WarnZ by 'pulling down' when in viewing the column of WarnZ

Editing (Customizing) a WarnZ

Details Page

The details page controls how your WarnZ works.

You can access the details page via the action bar (single tap on a WarnZ);  double tapping the WarnZ or when you select a template when creating a WarnZ

Details page title

Edit the name of the WarnZ and change the Zap Emoji

WarnZ Details page dates

Set or Edit the date of the WarnZ.  Tapping this field will open a date picker.   With a date set you will able to see and edit a date 'history' (when and how many times the WarnZ has be updated).

Details page links

Add, view, edit or use the 'Quick Links' attached to the WarnZ.   Tapping this field will open the 'List of Links' page or,  if no links have been added,  the 'Add Links' page.

WarnZ Details Page Behaviours.

Customize the WarnZ repeat and update behaviours.  Change the Expiry, Warning and Caution periods to ensure you are notified 'In Time'.

Learn more about Customizing WarnZ

WarnZ Details Visibility

Set the WarnZ to Archive.

Other Controls and Settings

Swipe between Columns

Swipe between Columns of WarnZ.  (Tap on the column title to edit the Column name).

The Trial (free) version of WarningZ has only one Column and the Simulator Column.  

Contact Search

Use the simulator to practice creating, editing and customizing WarnZ in safety. 

WarningZ Settings

Tap to access WarningZ settings.

WarningZ Settings Page

The WarningZ settings page.  Change how you interact with WarningZ.  Change Themes; how much information is displayed on a WarnZ; and how WarningZ will notifiy you of a change in a WarnZ status etc.

WarningZ store

Tap to access the WarnZ store.  We call it the 'Hangar'.

WarningZ Hangar

Upgrade your version of WarningZ.  Buy bundles of upgrades (capability, themes and WarnZ) or just buy more WarnZ.

WarningZ Help

Tap to access WarningZ help and support.

WarningZ Schoolhouse

The WarningZ schoolhouse allows access to:

Groundschool (Web / print tutorials).
Flight School (Video tutorials and guides).
Medal and Awards (Show off your expertise).
Simulator (Practice in safety).
Head-Up Display  (A help overlay).

WarningZ HUD

You can access the WarningZ Head-Up Display (help overlay) anytime by shaking your device or via the Help page.

Archived WarnZ

Archived WarnZ

Archived WarnZ are placed at the bottom of the column.  Archived WarnZ can only be reactivated or recycled.

Reactivate WarnZ

Swipe right and tap to 'reactivate' an archived WarnZ.

Recycled WarnZ

Swipe left and tap 'recycle' to delete a WarnZ.  The number of WarnZ available (shown next to the + button for adding a new WarnZ) will increase by 1.